Monday, December 24, 2007

Ron Paul on Meet the Press

A good interview yesterday...

Tim Russert is tough on Paul like he is, from what I hear, on all of the candidates.

Here's what Chuck Muth had to see about his appearance...

If you consider yourself a limited-government conservative, but have reservations about Ron Paul based on headlines, soundbites and those ridiculous "debates," you owe it to yourself to watch this interview and see the real Ron Paul. Tim Russert cut the man no slack and asked him some tough questions. And other than the question about a possible third-party run later this year, Paul answered them straight-up. And even the third-party question was answered with only .001 percent wiggle room.

I'm not saying you're going to agree with every answer, but you WILL know where the man stands. Primarily because HE knows where he stands and isn't afraid to tell people. And it's all based on returning the country to its constitutional roots.

I particularly enjoyed watching Paul take Russert to school on amending the Constitution to eliminate "birthright citizenship" for illegal aliens. Paul noted that amending the Constitution is constitutional, and that birthright citizenship came about in the first place as an amendment to the Constitution; that it wasn't part of the original document. Priceless.


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