Tuesday, February 5, 2008

JCPS (still) wants to (de)segregate by race

Tuesday's C-J article by Antoinette Konz and Chris Kenning on the new desegregation plan has a poorly chosen headline (not their fault!):

Louisville wants income, race, education as criteria

Not exactly...

For one thing, it's "The Jefferson County School Board" and some other people (including the editorialists at the C-J) who want...

And actually, they don't "want" income, race, and education. They want race. That's why they had to be forced to change from race only-- that's what they really wanted.

So, they want race. But at the point of a court-held gun, they will accept race, income and education.

But still, they want race...And so, we should anticipate that they will do what they can to get race-- or to simulate race as much as possible.

So, with that in mind, let's look at part of Superintendent Sheldon Berman's incoherent defense of the new plan:

"Both plans would advance the system as a whole and give students a far better balance in all of our schools," Berman said. "I think people are expecting an enormous change, but we are only going to have to move between 2-3 percent of our students."

So, if it advanced the system-- and yields a far better balance-- why did the court have to tell you to do it?

And if it only moves 2-3% of the students, how can it be markedly different (or better) than the current arrangement?

Then again, what do you expect from a government-run entity with tremendous monopoly power?


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