Sunday, February 24, 2008

"Lost" Lewis

From the email-blast of David Theroux's C.S. Lewis Society...

The extremely popular ABC-TV series of mystery, spirituality and intrigue with a group of people marooned on a desert island, "Lost," is now in its fourth season. And in episode two, the program is revealing remarkable clues that point to C.S. Lewis's influence. For example, when Ben noted that Charlotte's complete name is "Charlotte Staples Lewis," the blogosphere utterly lit up about Lewis, with people pointing out the connections to Lewis's books, PRINCE CASPIAN and PERELANDRA. Such suggestions have arisen before, especially in the first season, when the original program was produced by Christian film producer Ralph Winter, who is also currently producing the film version of THE SCREWTAPE LETTERS.

Theroux then cites these two articles:

"Tiddlywinkydinks: Perelandra Lost" (Inner Toob)

"'Lost': Chute First, Ask Questions Later," by
Jeff Jensen (Entertainment Weekly),,20177008,00.html


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