Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Senate looks to extend bogus stimulus package

From the C-J, an update from Julie Davis on the Senate's version of the stimulus plan (a topic I have addressed quite a bit elsewhere)...

In a blatant attempt to buy our votes with our own money-- or more properly, the next generation's money-- the Senate is now looking to pass a $200+ million stimulus package.

The House proposal now looks like it was put together by cheapskates. Usually, the Senate is more circumspect, but here they're even more profligate.

An economic aid plan to send rebates of $600-$1,200 to most taxpayers passed a key test Monday in the Senate, where Democrats are pushing to add more than $40 billion in help for seniors, disabled veterans and the unemployed.

Democrats were ratcheting up pressure on Republicans to support the add-ons, part of a proposal to pump $204 billion into the economy over the next two years. The House passed its $161 billion economic stimulus package last week with overwhelming backing from both parties.

The Senate voted 80-4 Monday evening to advance that package, setting the stage for a test-vote as early as Wednesday on Democrats' much larger proposal.

The Senate measure would send $500-$1,000 rebates to a wider group of people than the House measure covers, add $14.5 billion in jobless benefits and include $5.6 billion in renewable energy tax breaks over the next 10 years. The rebates would extend to 20 million senior citizens and 250,000 disabled veterans left out of the House bill because they don't earn enough to qualify....

"All Americans should know that their rebate checks will not be delayed a single minute as a result of our debate," Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-NV said.

This pandering is going to make me violently ill...


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