Monday, April 7, 2008

the baptism of Jesus Christ

From Peter Smith in the C-J on a new film by two guys with Louisville connections...

Scenes of baptisms open the film as religious leaders discuss how the act symbolizes a joining with Jesus Christ in his death, and his Easter Resurrection.

The film then becomes a detective story about efforts to locate the site of the most famous baptism of all: that of Jesus himself by John the Baptist.

"The Baptism of Jesus Christ: Uncovering Bethany Beyond the Jordan," was made by two filmmakers with longstanding Louisville connections and features interviews with scholars, Kentucky religious leaders and others.

The filmmakers and several scholars say there's an impressive body of evidence to authenticate the site in an area of Jordan called Wadi al-Kharrar, east of the Jordan River.

They're entering the 53-minute film in various film festivals and are trying to interest broadcasters such as the BBC or PBS....

Whether the site is truly Jesus' baptismal site is not an entirely settled question. Israel continues to promote a place known as Kasser-el-Yahud, west of the Jordan River, as the authentic site.

The film tells how researchers followed a 2,000-year-old trail of clues -- Bible references, pilgrim journals, Bedouin tales and long-buried ruins....


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