Wednesday, April 2, 2008

tidbits from the Cincy homeschooling conference

We went to the homeschooling conference in Cincinnati for the second consecutive year. The first year-- its first year-- was even better...really, remarkably good for a first time. This time was also very strong, but it's difficult to trump Susan Wise Bauer who was a primary speaker at the inaugural event. (Two years ago, we attended the convention in Indy-- also quite good.)

Tonia goes up early and hangs out with some friends. Then, I come along on Friday and catch a few sessions and see the exhibits, leaving the kids with my parents. It's a good time of refreshing for Tonia and a great op to better equip ourselves to educate our little ones,. Remember: we're trying to raise a few good men!

So, in the next few blog entries, I will share some of the nuggets I heard/learned...


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