Sunday, September 7, 2008

two nuggets from Pilgrim's Progress

I'm reading through this classic for the first time. (I had tried a few times but never gotten far.) It's been a pleasant read. I can't say it's been especially memorable or inspiring. (Among examples of Christian allegory, I benefited much more from Hannah Hurnard's Hinds Feet on High Places.)

But the other night, I ran into two little observations I enjoyed:

First, Christian is fearful in his encounter with Apollyon. He thinks about turning around to run, but realizes that his armor is far weaker in the back. So, he decides not to turn his back toward the threat. Good move-- filled with wonderful applications!

Second, when they meet, Apollyon assumes that he is one of his subjects, claiming (whether true or false) that he recognizes him. Christian replies: "I was born indeed in your dominions, but your service was hard, and your wages such as a man could not live on, for the wages of sin is death..." A wonderful use of Romans 6:23a. Do you know the second half of that classic verse?


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