Friday, December 26, 2008

will we/they ever learn?

Two Kentuckian bloggers hit on two of my favorite topics-- recently ("economic stimulus" spending) and for the last 20 years (educational choice)...

First, here's Kentucky Progress on federal "economic stimulus", the proposed growth of government spending and taxation in Kentucky, and the sure road to reduced standards of living overall.

And here's Bluegrass Policy Blog on some hilarious hysteria in the NYT about the impact of reducing bloated educated spending.

The article itself is interesting since it describes how (limited) choice within the public schools works in NYC among middle-schoolers-- a relatively rare thing. (Locally, only JCPS has something similar.) Of course, some choice within the government monopoly power in schools is akin to our freedom to use any number of USPS branches-- instead of only being allowed to use the one closest to our house. (And that said, it doesn't amount to true choice, since some schools are more popular than others, the government must use various criteria to judge who will get in. For example, for JCPS, race continues a deciding factor.)


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