Wednesday, January 7, 2009

let the "buffoonery" continue-- and expand?

From Charlie Averill's blog, an interesting list of prescriptions:

Enough of this eight years of baffoonery

-Get out of Iraq.
-Get out of Afghanistan.
-Stop supporting the invasion of Palestine by Israel.
-Pass the outline for investment and recovery package introduced by president-elect Barack Obama.
-Include in this investment and recovery package the Employee Free Choice Act.
-Seat the new Senators from Illinois and Minnesota.

And my reply within this target-rich environment:

Unfortunately, Obama has backed down on Iraq and looks to build upon what Bush did in Afghanistan.

You don't think the EFCA will pass on its own "merits"?

Instead, how about relaxing "prevailing wage" laws along with any infrastructure bill or "recovery" package?

What stream of logic takes one to seating both senators for IL and MN right now? I can see one or the other, but not both. I'd seat Burris, but under those criteria, could not seat Franken.


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