Tuesday, February 24, 2009

why does a government grow more quickly than an economy?

From a statist among the C-J editorialists...

It's all about more revenue-- and a larger government. Rarely, if ever, does this writer imagine a smaller government.

The funny thing? Of course, there are exceptions among individuals. But as we get wealthier as a country, there ought to be less for government to do-- and thus, a smaller proportion of government and taxes.

It should have taken no courage, and prompted no hesitation, when Kentucky lawmakers recently raised the cigarette tax a measly 30 cents and put the sales tax on alcoholic beverages at retail outlets. Those who voted yes should have been embarrassed, but only because the bill did so little to address the state government budget crisis...

A budget crisis (again). The solution? More taxes and nothing about reducing spending.

Only the lowest form of Pleistocene thinking could have moved one House member to insist, "We should do nothing and let the tax fall because we need to keep as much money in people's pockets as possible." If he has his way, a change that motorists would hardly notice will rob the Transportation Cabinet of more than $120 million it needs for maintenance and construction.

OK, now some insults to criticize the idea that it'd be nice if people had more money in their pockets. Instead, we get "thinking" from the CJ'er that money grows on trees.

Our gasoline tax is below the national average. It's a user tax. There's a $3 billion backlog of work to be done. The rate should be raised, not lowered....

A good point, but it leaves the larger question unasked and even unanswered. Is the money for the gas tax designated for road construction and maintenance-- or thrown into a huge bucket of money?

Why do so many Kentucky politicians -- especially Republicans -- shun taxes like some combination of Plague, Ebola and Necrotizing Fasciitis? Because it's the easy way to please voters...

Why do so many politicians-- especially Democrats-- and C-J editoralists shun reductions in government spending like some combination of Plague, Ebola and Necrotizing Fasciitis? Because it's the easy way to please voters...

...obtuse folks from both parties have signed the ruinous no-new-tax pledge.

Yep, the height of obtusity!

...an anti-tax culture that dooms Kentucky to remain a backward state...

Yep, that's how you get out of backwardness. Raise taxes!


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