Thursday, April 2, 2009

Harbeson blows up Moore, Meyer and Galligan

I don't know anything about this from the local news, but assuming she has her facts correct, here's Debbie Harbeson with a nice op-ed in the Jeff/NA News-Tribune on "the recent antics of those in charge of Clark County’s Solid Waste Management District".

Some readers probably think I’m going to make fun of it all, which I am of course. But I also want to help. So I’ve worked hard this week to figure out how Jeffersonville Mayor Tom Galligan and County Commissioners Mike Moore and Ed Meyer can put their talents to work for the environment.

I’m fortunate that the recent ruckus involves three people because that number perfectly matches the holy trinity of environmental education: reduce, reuse and recycle. Let’s put these men in charge of educating the public in these three areas.

Mr. Moore can be in charge of the recycle end because his recent voice mail message to Mr. Meyer proves he’s an expert. After all, he pretty much recycled George Carlin’s entire “Seven Dirty Words” monologue....

Mr. Meyer has been great at reducing his attendance at meetings, especially if they are going to deal with anything controversial...However, Mr. Meyer does need to understand reduction as it relates to cell phones. The idea is to reduce your voice mails, Mr. Meyer, which means erasing them after you’ve heard the message and not sharing angry, curse-loaded messages with everyone possible.

Mr. Meyer also lectures that we must protect children and set a good example....Seems to me the only example he set here is to let the kids know that if you have something particularly juicy on your cell phone, you should share it with everyone you know....

Let’s move to the fine talents of Mr. Galligan. The quick cleanup of the solid waste district mess made local residents’ heads spin. This lack of procrastination was surprising, considering he never got around to cleaning up solid waste on his own property — even after 11 years. It does make some sense, though, because politicians are always willing to spend other people’s money quicker than their own....He can reuse a few [old tires] as planters, playground swings and door mats.

...we should all probably be paying more attention to what’s going on down at the landfill anyway. You remember the landfill, right? The reason we supposedly need the solid waste district? It’s the place that’s now recycling methane gas to produce electricity.


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