Friday, April 30, 2010

an analysis of the 9th and a classy move by Sodrel

From Rick Howlett with WFPL in Louisville...

One of the downsides of Hankins' strategy to focus on the oft-overlooked north / northeast part of the district is that he misses out on mainstream coverage in larger areas. Howlett's piece is a good local example of what is more often done by the national media-- who are more likely to overlook a grass-roots effort. This also makes it more difficult to assess Hankins' strength: is the mainstream media correct or are they underestimating him?

In any case, Howlett's piece provides nice coverage of the other two active candidates in the GOP field. The most prominent angle is the question of whether Sodrel's past support will stick with him or whether voters will be looking for someone new.

“In an anti-incumbent, anti-establishment world, Todd Young comes across as a new person, a fresh voice, a new face, etc. Whereas Mike Sodrel – sort of been there, done that,” [Abdul-Hakim Shabazz, an Indy talk radio station host] said.

But this line from Sodrel that caught my eye:

Sodrel dismisses the notion that he should hand the baton to a younger contender. He says his base is sticking with him.

“We haven’t lost anybody who’s a supporter of ours. In some extent, I think this is good. You’ve missed Travis Hankins, he’s another one of the opponents in the race, and I think to some extent they have drawn in young people that haven’t been here in the last couple of cycles and I think that will be helpful in November,” he said.

For whatever reason, Sodrel has always seemed to feel a greater connection with Hankins-- and it's nice to see that exhibited here, especially with the back-and-forth between Sodrel and Young lately.


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