Friday, August 23, 2013

on President Obama's college speech yesterday...

On President Obama's college speech yesterday...

A great title from a John Ransom article: "Making it Cheaper No Matter What it Costs". This explains the President's approach to health care and now, post-secondary education. (In that, he has a bi-partisan crowd of ignoramuses behind him on this, so he's far from alone.)

I happened to catch part of his speech yesterday on CNN-Radio. What a mess.

First, he talks as if access to college is a primary factor in escaping poverty. This ignores the over-arching impact of K-12 education (without which you ain't going to be successful in college...yo!) and ignores the larger factors of hard work and family structure (although I can see why he wouldn't want to talk about those).

Second, by focusing on consumers only, he completely misses the connection between subsidies and higher overall costs-- as if he can extend the subsidies on something without driving up total costs further.

Third, did you catch the new bureaucracy and rating system he wants to create-- as if that would work. Hilarious.

Is this ignorance or duplicity/rhetoric?


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