Friday, January 13, 2017

Reno on the Powell Doctrine, reducing expectations, and continuing to underestimate the Donald

In the most recent issue of FT, RR Reno uses the "Powell Doctrine"-- an "all-or-nothing approach"-- to describe the media's approach to the presidential campaign and, more surprisingly, its aftermath.

"The disappointment, anger, and bitterness liberals feel and express after Trump's win do not surprise me. Losing isn't fun. But it's odd that the liberal establishment is continuing with the Powell Doctrine."

Reno continues by making the same point I've made-- that they're working hard to lower expectations and, ironically, make it easier for him to be successful. "He need only govern in a somewhat reasonable, more or less sane fashion that does not overthrow the Constitution."

And please, why is it smart to underestimate the Donald-- again? "To nearly everyone's surprise", he won the GOP nomination, "defeated the Clinton machine by a strategy of his own devising rather than the one championed by GOP consultants and experts. Given the ways he has confounded our expectations, why should we imagine we can predict the success or failure of his presidency?"


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