Friday, July 28, 2017

inconsistency on anti-trust

Good news: the Dems are proposing policy ideas. Recently, it's been almost exclusively pablum, political games, identity politics, power, protest, and partisanship-- and partisan enablers-- over public policy propositions.

Bad news: whatever one thinks about anti-trust efforts in practice (vs. in theory), their applications are wildly inconsistent and depend on their particular crony-capitalistic interests. The author focuses on high tech. I'd start with K-12 and the govt's 90% market share there.

Extending the point further: You're concerned about higher costs? Quit subsidizing sectors so much (e.g., higher ed, housing, and health care). Concerned about market concentration? Quit your passion for regulations which necessarily enhance overhead costs and market power. Concerned about monopoly power? Quit working so hard to enhance it.


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