Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Peterson's fumble

I'm a huge Eugene Peterson fan-- and getting ready to enjoy his most recent book. So, this episode has been really painful to watch. Al Mohler has a lot of good stuff in his comments here. Summarizing and extending...

Remember that defining something as sin does not mean that you are unable to love the relevant sinner. But also know this can be a difficult combination to hold (or at least, be perceived as holding, in a politically-correct world).

Related: if you decide to "tolerate" X in the modern sense of the word (i.e., "accept" X in its prior sense of the word), know that this is not necessarily equivalent to a robust, biblical love for others. 

Regardless of your position, get it straight and communicate it as clearly as possible (or don't talk). Corollary: If you're older and don't much attention to "what the kids are doing", take especial care.

Recognize that the tolerant people are, at best, tolerant in an Orwellian sense. They are willing to kill you if you step out of line.


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