Thursday, November 2, 2017

on the recent Progressive problems with sexual abuse and their roots in the Clintons

A good essay from Bob Tyrrell, all the way around. If you get tired of "the theory", then skip down to the practical stuff-- which starts with this:
"This rebellion of indignant women is pretty much a problem for progressives to deal with...Usually, the ladies are on the left. As are most of the guilt-stricken men, whom there will be many more of before the hysteria exhausts itself...some will be spending time in court — or worse...a very good thing."
Then, he closes with an excellent new $2 word ("ithyphallic") with a reference to Bill Clinton, his enabling wife, and their fawning partisans. How ironic that the end of their work would be to give us Trump, huh?

Update: Here's Kathleen Parker on a similar angle...


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