Friday, January 5, 2018

Alinsky and rhetoric on Trump and the Dems

This piece is far too kind to the GOP but nails the powers-that-be in the Dem party and explains one aspect of Trump's fandom.

If you're skimming, get to the second half where the author's references to Trump's effective use of Alinsky's methods is provocative and ironic.

He also notes that Obama was “articulate and polished” but that doesn't mean he was "dignified, collegial, or proper". It's intriguing to me that Dems seem to value words and style so much. Think of them making fun of Bush, being so excited about Obama's elegance, and one aspect of their consternation with Trump.

In policy terms, this aligns nicely with their greater respect for good intentions (in policy sins of commission) and their tacit approval of their party's many sins of omission-- against African-Americans, the poor, the middle class, etc.-- as long as the rhetoric is there..


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