Monday, January 13, 2020

Jonah Goldberg, etc. on the Dem primary and "diversity"

After Kamala Harris dropped out, angst about diversity in the Dem primary got rolling. Jonah Goldberg joked: "An Asian guy, two black guys, three white women (one of whom spent much of her life claiming to be Native American), a Pacific Islander woman, a gay guy, a Hispanic guy, two elderly Caucasian Jews (one a billionaire, the other a socialist), a self-styled Irishman, and a few nondescript white guys walk into a bar, and the bartender yells, 'Get the hell out! We value diversity here!'”

Now, as we move to the hot-and-heavy part of their primary, the diversity has largely disappeared-- especially of the racial sorts usually most-emphasized on the Left. What to think? 
a.) Dems may be getting what they want in terms of racial outcomes. but not the picture they like to portray. Do as I say; not as I do.
b.) I'm hoping to see the top-tier candidates propose remedies for this in terms of Affirmative Action, reparations, or redistibution of some sort to deal with this profound inequality.
c.) When you have simplistic ideas about class, economy, and political economy-- and incoherent views on race-- what do you expect?


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