Tuesday, February 4, 2020

in what sort of god/God do you believe?

Prager's essay/question is provocative, but I'd tweak it to the sort of God you believe in.

Prager's question is too narrow to be ideal. There are many agnostics, but few atheists-- and their faith in evolutionary mechanisms to explain everything is flat-earth-ish. In any case, atheists and even agnostics still have a "god" (e.g., the enviro, the state, themselves, etc.)

Many other folks are...
-practicing deists-- a Creator God who is irrelevant to daily life
-practicing polytheists-- a God who is sovereign over some things but not others, in the style of cafeteria-brand and cultural-style religion
-theists believing in a God who doesn't want what's best for us and/or doesn't know what's best for us-- a mean or well-intentioned Cosmic Killjoy

At least Judaism and Christianity start with Hebrews 11:6-- believing that He exists and that He is good, merciful, and gracious. Without that, you'll always seek your own way, believing that's best.

#EmbraceGrace #ApprenticeWithJesus #ReadTheGospels


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