Monday, July 5, 2021

quick family trip to Cincy/Dayton

Especially with Jojo's new job, we weren't able to take a long family trip this year. So, we did an overnight (July 3-4) to pick up some miscellaneous things near Cincinnati (we've done bigger things there in the past) and do some key things in Dayton. It was a nice, inexpensive, two-day trip. Details...

We started with Grant’s Birthplace in Point Pleasant-- a light, historical stop which features Grant's birth-home and memorabilia from his life and presidency. The brief tour enhanced the time there. 

Then, we saw the Cardboard Boat Museum in New Richmond. Easily the quirkiest thing we did and arguably, the best. Folks construct boats with cardboard, HVAC tape, and external latex paint (to waterproof and decorate). And then, they race them down the Ohio River. Some of the boats had been 60+ miles in the river. Some of them were more showy; others were more practical. Impressive work and creativity!

Next, we went to the Tri-state Warbird Museum in Batavia. They have a solid display of planes, but our guide added a lot to the tour. So, I definitely recommend getting some help and expertise to join you.

Then, we visited the Chateau Laroche in Loveland (also known as the "Loveland Castle"). An old guy built it by hand, with the help of his Boy Scout Troop. There was a PBS show about him in 1979 still working on it, at age 89. Crazy!

To wrap up the day near Cincy, we spent some time touring and buying interesting stuff at Jungle Jims in Fairfield.

The next day, in Dayton, we went to the British Transportation Museum-- tons of British sports cars in a warehouse. Really good if you're into cars. Then we went to America’s Packard Museum-- also solid, but similar to other museums we've seen and not as interesting/novel as the BTM. 

Finally, we spent a big chunk of time at the Air Force Museum at Wright-Patterson AFB. It's comparable to the newer Air and Space museum outside of DC. This had more airplanes (and I think history) divided by wars, but little on space travel. 

Near Dayton, we considered visiting the Halderman Car/Barn Museum in Tipp City. And if Tonia and I return to Dayton for a trip away from the kids, we'll check out their Art Museum, the Cox Arboretum, the Wright Brothers Museum, and the many bike paths along the Great Miami River. Between Cincy and Dayton, we'll probably check out "Traders World" (one of those inside/outside flea market) and the Outlet Shoppes in Monroe. 

Thursday, July 1, 2021

Nicole Hannah-Jones at UNC, tenure (lifetime contracts) and "academic research"

Really interesting article by Jack Stripling in the CHE, at least if you're into "inside baseball" in academics, on the NHJ tenure case at UNC.

To me, the academic part of this is simple: she's not an academic; she hasn't done academic research; and beyond that, her work isn't particularly "academic". So, she might be hired as a lecturer or a relatively high-paid adjunct. But granting her a high-paying lifetime contract makes *no* sense, esp. if you're a "research institution". (With her record, she wouldn't receive a single vote in favor of tenure at a "3/3" "teaching > research" institution such as the IUS School of Business.)

UPDATE: The author of the article answered my query and said that's the usual role of these positions. That's news to me-- and ought to be explained, so that other academics and non-academics might (better) understand.