Wednesday, October 27, 2021

the roots (and growth) of social/political incivility

The incivility described here by Byron York results from at least four key principles:

1.) Govt is always about the use of force-- by some against others, sometimes at the behest of voters (even when it's 51-49%). People in the 49% don't like that much. 2.) In the last few years, "the elites" have been increasing uncivil to the common folks-- in ways ranging from "sophisticated" (e.g., hypocritical references to science) to crass (e.g., "the deplorables"). Absent turning the other cheek, ratcheting up incivility is predictable. 3.) Incivility is predictable from both the powerful (who can do whatever they want) and the marginal (who have few options to respond). We saw more of the former under Trump; we see more of the latter under Brandon. 4.) Declining "morals" (of various sorts) will lead to various "sins" of action, words, thoughts, and motives.

Thoughts? Other principles?


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