Monday, August 27, 2007

Greater Clark County heated half-days: an update

Matthew Ralph with the Jeff/NA News-Tribune reported on the GCCS decision to have early dismissal for five days so far this year. (In my earlier post with its multiple choice question, I thought it had been only four days. Since we're homeschooling this year, I'm not keeping close track of such things!)

Teachers have lost about ten hours of instructional time-- school officials have responded by encouraging more emphasis on reading and math. This is probably the best approach anyway, but is a more pressing issue to the administration given the impending ISTEP tests next month.

“Most of our teachers have been pretty much leaving out any unnecessary activities,” Spencer [the GCCS spokeswoman] said.

I think I know what she means, but it still sounds funny! (And I'm surprised to hear a "spokeswoman" use such informal language.)

The primary reason given by Spencer was safety, especially for the bus riders who don't ride in air-conditioned comfort. From the old days, we know that Grandpa walked both ways to school, barefoot, in the snow, uphill both ways. Now, kids can't even ride a bus on a hot day. What would Grandpa say today!


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