Thursday, January 15, 2009

never having to say you're sorry...

An update on Mayor Cheye Calvo, a victim of the War on Drugs-- from Rodney Balko in Reason...

Cheye Calvo, you'll remember, is the Berwyn Heights, Maryland mayor whose home was mistakenly raided by Prince George's County, Maryland police....

When asked about Calvo's case in an interview a local newspaper last month, Prince George's County Executive Jack Johnson offered up a truly bewildering response:

Johnson said he didn't think an apology was necessary and said he has not spoken with Calvo about the incident.

"Well, I think in America that is the apology, when we're cleared," he said. "The authorities have to be able to follow evidence. Sometimes we realize that people are victimized....At the end of the day, the investigation showed he was not involved. And that's, you know, a pat on the back for everybody involved, I think."

He expressed condolences for Calvo's pets but said he understood the actions of law enforcement.

"I try putting myself in the situation of the sheriff who entered the house," he said. "They had one set of information at the time...."


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