Friday, May 22, 2009

Chronicle cartoonist confused about cultural Christianity and cafeteria Catholicism

From the Houston Chronicle's Nick Anderson (hat tip: C-J)...


Half of the congregation disappears when the priest invokes Catholic/Biblical teachings?

Not quite.

As recent polls show, a growing majority of Americans are pro-life.

Beyond that, self-identifying Catholics are even more likely to be pro-life.

Of those, many are likely to be cultural Christians or cafeteria Catholics-- identifying with a religion out of culture, family affiliations, or convenience (much) moreso than faith, practice and discipleship to Jesus Christ.

So, beyond that, practicing Catholics are even more likely to be pro-life.

Although one could critique the relatively small but significant fraction of practicing Catholics who endorse or condone abortion-- most notably, Democratic politicians at the national level-- the reference to half is deceptive hyperbole.


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