Sunday, May 24, 2009

fair-weather fans of Jesus Christ

Kyle's second sermon in a three-part series on "not a fan" of Jesus-- on whether one will casual (based on convenience) or committed...

Key passage: Luke 9:23's "take up your cross daily". The call is voluntary, entails suffering and sacrifice, and is daily.

He made a great point that the phrase sounds almost poetic these days. But it wasn't jewelry or an icon when Christ said it; it was an instrument of torture and death-- nothing positive.

A funny but powerful point: What if I approached my marriage without commitment. I love my wife, except on Tuesdays. Or let's mark out "for richer for poorer" and "forsaking all others" from the marriage vows.

As for a "biblical worldview", he and Barna were talking about what I would describe as a biblical view of (Christian) theology and doctrine. In other words, you will believe the Bible-- and here's what you will believe about the Bible-- if you have a biblical view... A worldview seeks to apply a set of beliefs to the world around us, including Creation/Fall/Redemption (in broad terms) and applying it to specific realms like politics, beauty, history, ethics, morals, etc. In our circles, it is common for people to describe an attenuated worldview, encompassing only the things important to them-- politics, ethics, and morals.


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