Saturday, May 23, 2009

not a fan of Jesus...

Week 1 of a three-week series on being "not-a-fan" of Jesus...

Not a in not merely a fan, but a follower or disciple of Jesus Christ.

The related sermons-- from earlier series-- are available here.

Kyle opens with the "define the relationship" talk that marks dating/courtship-- when one or both members of a couple reach a point where they want to figure out where the relationship is "going". For those who don't want to commit within that relationship-- but want it to remain casual, for the benefits of that arrangement-- such talks engender nervousness, discomfort, etc.

Kyle cites Jn 6:66 where the crowds were following Jesus "because of his miracles". So, too, many follow Jesus because of the perceived benefits-- or because it's a cultural or familial affiliation.

Others claim to embrace Jesus more explicitly, but cordon off parts of their life from obedience and discipleship. I love Jesus, but let's not talk about money and stewardship, or reserving sex for marriage, or how Jesus would have approached public policy, or how I treat my spouse and kids...

The bulk of the message focused on obedience within the call to be baptized-- part of the biblical package of faith, belief, and repentance. If you claim to be a Christian but have not been immersed-- out of obedience-- as a representation of your choice to follow Jesus Christ, why not?


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