Tuesday, May 26, 2009

two-year old pool shark

Actually, it's billiards, to be more precise.

Here's Samuel Goldsmith with the NY Daily News (hat tip: C-J)...

An upstate New York two-year-old is being dubbed a billiards prodigy by dazzling crowds across the country with his pool playing prowess.

Keith O'Dell Jr. of Johnstown [NY] was invited to perform at the American Pool Association's championship competition in Las Vegas last month, and he's booked to show his skills on the Rachael Ray show in July.

The wiz kid learned the game on a child size table, but recently switched to regulation size. He reaches the balls by standing on a chair....

The O'Dells have no explanation for their son's success, but say he learned by watching his dad shoot 200 racks every night...

Kids follow the example of parents all the time. No big surprise there!

His parents say the boy's learning hasn't been limited to billiard games - pool is also teaching their son colors and how to count.


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