Tuesday, October 20, 2009

it takes a governor to run a nation OR World gives props to two Hoosier governors!

From Joel Belz in World...

It takes a governor, I've come to think, to make a competent president. You're not ready for the presidency until you've actually headed a government. Senators and congressman learn a few leadership skills, I guess—but they can never point to their desks and say: "The buck stops here!" A governor can say that.

That's why I paid attention the other day when I saw something that came from the pen of the governor of Indiana. I won't prejudice you politically just yet by telling you his name....

Belz then shares a bunch of (fiscally responsible) quotes before concluding with (potential) surprise:

OK. Time to end my little game. It's time to tell you that all these sober paragraphs—with every word coming verbatim from the pen of an Indiana governor—in fact come from two very different Indiana governors. The Hoosiers' current governor, Republican Mitch Daniels, wrote the first and then every alternate paragraph. Indiana's previous governor, Democrat Evan Bayh (now a U.S. senator), wrote all the paragraphs in italics. Both men's thoughts appeared in recent weeks as guest editorials in The Wall Street Journal . It's unsettling how neatly the counsel of a thoroughgoing conservative and that of a through-and-through liberal tend to mesh....


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