Wednesday, November 18, 2009

more nuggets from Hendricks' Footprints

It's not a great book, but this slim volume co-authored with his wife has some little gems in it.

"God does not approve ruts; He does sanction tradition. It is a cohesive glue to hold us together, to help provide security in a fragmented world."

The intro to counsel he provided to a man who was struggling: "I could be wrong, but my evaluation of you is this: You are a ten-cylinder man operating on about three and comparing yourself with others who have only two."

On counseling: "Counselors can often be cowards, not caring enough to confront....A former pastor told me about his experience of sinking into an illicit sexual relationship. He said he felt like an exhausted swimmer battling a pounding surf, unable to escape the strong undertow, about to go down for the last time. On shore he could see all the people of his church. Some were shaking their heads in weeping and despair; others were shouting and shaking their fists in anger and frustration. There were words of encouragement and gestures of good will...[But] only one man stepped forward and risked everything to plunge into the water and help the victim to safety. Am I willing to be that man?"


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