Tuesday, December 15, 2009

another reason to change the BCS

Eric Crawford makes a nice point in the C-J about another useful by-product of moving from the BCS garbage to a Division I Football playoff system.

Everyone focuses on finding the true champion, inviting the little guys who go undefeated with lesser schedules, and breaking the BCS cartel (although no one calls it that). And I agree with that. You could have 8, 16 or 24 teams in games at neutral sites-- most of the current bowl roster-- and have a whole lot more interest and make a lot more money (except perhaps the biggest bowls in the BCS).

But Crawford notes that it would eliminate-- or at least, greatly lessen-- the coaching carousel shenanigans. At present, coaches and universities are in a very uncomfortable position between a regular season that ends in early December and a bowl season that ends in early January. A playoff system would keep more teams playing and make a cleaner break between when one can/cannot talk with other coaches.


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