Saturday, December 12, 2009

C-J editorial apologists for war-mongering Peace-Prize-winning President

From the C-J editorialists...

If anyone needed an illustration of just how complicated a place the world is, he should have directed his attention Thursday to Norway, where President Obama received the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize.

The President spoke eloquently about diplomacy...But Mr. Obama, of course, is also the president of a country engaged in two wars, and he is the commander in chief who just last week said he will dispatch 30,000 more troops to the conflict in Afghanistan.

To some protesters, the President's role in military conflict means that he is undeserving of the award. That argument is misleading.

...pacifism depends ultimately on redeeming qualities within the camp of the oppressor. Pacifism can overcome wrongs, if those who enforce what is wrong can and do eventually recognize the moral force of the non-violent opposition. Pacifism is doomed to failure, however, when it confronts true evil.

An odd/interesting argument-- and perhaps one that reveals a lot about the C-J's worldview: pacifism is judged by pragmatism and its presumed effectiveness. Beyond that, it's interesting that they assert that the success of pacifism is a function of the oppressor's character-- or that this variable could vary enough to make this an interesting point.

One could also wonder whether the C-J would have the same analysis with a different president.


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