Tuesday, December 8, 2009

will moonbats apologize to wingnuts?

Moonbats and wingnuts. Ahh, what creative terms.

I've already blogged on this topic-- in response to some combative moonbat claims by local bloggers. (It's easier to cuss and name-call than to apologize.) But here, we have Ken Blackwell at TownHall.com, calling out Time for the same thing.

“Government Distrust and a Dead Census Taker.” That was the headline of a September 25th story in TIME about the death of 51-year old Bill Sparkman. Sparkman’s naked body had been found in a remote area of Harlan County, Kentucky, with the word “FED” scrawled on his chest. Sparkman had been hanged. Immediately, TIME and others began to speculate. Had Sparkman been hanged by anti-government, anti-Obama violent right wingers? TIME led the speculation, taking the opportunity to drag in Glenn Beck...

Well, now it turns out that Kentucky investigators have concluded that poor Sparkman committed suicide, faking his own death in order to let unnamed beneficiaries collect on a recently-contracted life insurance policy. How very sad for Sparkman and those whom he loved. And how sad for our country when a leading news organ like TIME races to conclude that anti-tax protesters likely had a hand in the unfortunate man’s death....

Will TIME now apologize...


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