Friday, February 26, 2010

HoosierPundit on Coats' insider image/reality

HP responds to a Jim Shella comment and critiques the Coats campaign for its insider perception (and reality?).

Jim Shella: When Dan Coats filed his petitions to be on the ballot for U.S. Senate I asked him how he would deal with being labeled the “Washington Candidate” in this race. He responded by saying only, “We’re back in Indiana and we’re here to stay.” Today I received my first “Coats for Senate Morning Update.” It discusses an interview the former Senator did with a Washington publication (Human Events.) It attacked Democrat Brad Ellsworth by quoting two Washington blogs. It was sent to me by a public relations person in Washington, DC...

HoosierPundit: At some point, Dan Coats has to answer this. He promised that he would do so. And through all of the spin and covering by his myriad of newly-hired flacks, he still hasn't. Now it's just starting to get silly...

The other odd thing: Why on earth did Mike Pence attach himself to Coats and especially Mike Sodrel by endorsing them?


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