Thursday, March 18, 2010

abortion and "the veil of self-regarding ignorance"

From James Q. Wilson in First Things (back in 1994-- recently republished in their 20th anniversary issue)...

Many people now regard a fertilized egg as sacred life, entitled to all the protection we can afford it. I have no quarrel with them.

Other people regard an embryo in the early weeks of pregnancy as not deserving of unqualified protection because, before we feel it to be human, we feel an obligation to spare the human-that-is-to-be unnecessary pain. I have no quarrel with them.

My quarrel is with those women who, knowing that they carry within them life by anyone's definition, refuse to confront that fact, insist on pulling the veil of self-regarding ignorance over what they bear, and abort because they are endowed with rights that trump all other rights and interests.


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