Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Young blows up Sodrel for debate hypocrisy

Like Baron Hill, Mike Sodrel only wants to debate when it suits him-- this campaign and others-- and not otherwise. Not particularly principled.

Of course, that goes with Sodrel's failure to own his votes for funding for Planned Parenthood in two federal budgets. And most notably, it squares with his curious claim to be a fiscal conservative-- when his voting record is quite clear that he's a fiscal moderate. (Again, Baron Hill makes the same sort of claim.)

So, more could be said, but this is a nice start:

Apparently the luck of the Irish has run out on those voters hoping to hear Mike Sodrel address voters in a candidates debate. He has yet to participate in a single debate. Two weeks ago, Mike Sodrel backed out of tonight's congressional debate in Jasper. After agreeing to meet in a series of public forums...Mr. Sodrel has decided that debating the issues that affect all voters in Indiana's Ninth District is not a high priority....

Several groups have offered to host candidate debates, but Mike Sodrel is the only candidate in the field that has held these up. Moreover, Mr. Sodrel actually chose the date and location of tonight's debate to best accommodate his own schedule. Neither Mr. Sodrel, nor any representative of his campaign, has offered an explanation...

In May, GOP primary voters will be deciding whether to reward political antics and important but missing principles. A vote for Sodrel is a vote for a politician-- or at least a former business owner who acts like a politician. We can do better in the 9th District, right?

As should be abundantly clear, I believe Travis Hankins is the best candidate in the field. But how can one vote for Sodrel, while complaining about the status quo in Washington?


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