Tuesday, June 29, 2010

a drunk-driving principal? really?!

From Harold Adams in the C-J...

Lisa Nale, the principal at Borden Jr.-Sr. High School, has been placed on administrative leave following her arrest on a drunken driving charge....[Other drivers complained about her after she was swerving into their lane. Upon arrest, the officer found two bottles of vodka and Nale refused all field sobriety tests but denied drunkenness.]

Monty Schneider, superintendent of West Clark Community Schools, said Monday that Nale has been placed on paid leave pending a school system investigation. "I anticipate that she will be back with us," Schneider said. Nale has been principal at Borden for five years and Schneider said she "has done a very good job."

Wow...a probable return? Assuming she's guilty, this points to an set of interesting questions on redemption (in practice), incentives, personal responsibility, externalities, and so on. In particular, her occupation as a high school principal makes reinstatement far more problematic. How will students respond to a regrettable choice that they will be tempted to make in the coming years?


At June 29, 2010 at 2:18 PM , Blogger Indy Student said...

Raise hell to your school board and anyone who will listen. We had a superintendant who was in a similar circumstance in one of the donut counties of Indianapolis not too long ago. I believe he chose to quit rather than be re-instated and deal with the public backlash.


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