Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Libertarians and PB&T sandwiches?


I'm still not sure about his culinary recommendations, but at The BellCurve, my friend Rex

a useful analogy to libertarianism and how it often seems "unacceptable" before it's "tried"


a good description of libertarianism.

As Rex points out, Libertarians and libertarians will be in the news quite a bit this election season-- and probably in the next few years, given the rapid expanse of govt under the Dems and the GOP-- so his closing counsel is timely and appropriate:

I became aware of libertarian philosophy and the Libertarian Party about ten years ago. If I had based any of my decisions about libertarianism simply on other peoples' opinions, and what other people said about it, I probably would still be a Republican. Or a Democrat.

After all, I had always accepted that if something was bad for you, or immoral, then it should certainly be illegal. And conversely, if something was good for you, or moral, then there shouldn't be too much wrong with making it required. And if a certain charity was deemed worthy by the right people, government should be able to force other people to contribute to that charity.

I know that a lot of people still feel that way. Libertarians, however, believe that consenting adults should be able to make their own decisions about how they conduct their personal affairs. And as long as those consenting adults don't initiate force or fraud against another person, the government doesn't really have a dog in the hunt.

Some people will tell you that means Libertarians approve of immoral behavior. It doesn't mean that at all....

Libertarians believe in personal freedom and personal responsibility. Some conservatives will tell you that makes them too liberal. Some liberals will tell you that makes them too conservative. I, on the other hand, think it makes them just right.

As we approach this fall's election, a lot of different people are going to be telling you what Libertarians believe and don't believe. Some of those people will be wrong. I hope you take the time to find out for yourself.


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