Thursday, November 1, 2007

Ft. Wayne News-Sentinel endorses a Libertarian

A dated but cool story, as the Ft. Wayne News-Sentinel endorsed Robert Enders for the 6th District of the FW City Council.

The council has never had a Libertarian, and putting one there would make the body more interesting. A Libertarian would always raise points not usually made by either Republicans or Democrats. So we recommend that voters give council a Libertarian - Robert Enders, who is seeking the 6th District seat.

If elected, his top priority would be to provide long-term property tax relief by controlling local spending. He would return to a respect for property rights by arguing against eminent domain and such things as the smoking ban. He would also concentrate on crime prevention. He said he would try to erase the unfair perception that the south side of Fort Wayne is more dangerous than the north side.

Also seeking the office are incumbent Democrat Glynn Hines, who is serving his second term, and Republican Joe Smith. Hines would continue the economic-development focus on the southeast side of town, work on new housing and the rehabilitation of existing housing, and also concentrate on infrastructure improvements.

It puts a smile on my face to see a Democrat and a Republican getting the "also seeking..." treatment! Congrats Robert-- and good luck on Tuesday!


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