Saturday, December 22, 2007

apparently "Hoosier Eugenics" is quite popular

I don't know what's typical in terms of traffic at blogs.

I started this blog at the end of July with my Wall Street Journal article on the Indiana property tax fiasco.

Through the end of October, my average daily traffic was quite consistent: 62 in August, 77 in September and October. At the end of October, the numbers jumped suddenly and the average has more than doubled. (There have been periods of more/less traffic, consistent with the number of entries I've had. For example, I was busy and things were slower in early December.)

After posting the Hoosier eugenics article, my numbers went wild on Thursday and Friday-- as other sites have linked to it-- with more than 3,600 visitors over the two-day period. Hopefully, people have enjoyed the article and hopefully, quite a few of them will be regular visitors!


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