Thursday, November 13, 2008

higher taxes for Floyd County

On a party-line vote, the Democrats out-voted the Republicans 4-3 and gave initial approval to instituting a 1.25% income tax on every dollar earned by residents of Floyd County. Of that, 1% is earmarked for reducing property taxes and .25% is being sold as a tax increase to invest in police and fire services.

Dick Kaukas has the story in today's C-J and Daniel Short has commentary on his blog.

That's a nice way to celebrate a recent election. I wonder if anyone wants to reconsider his vote?

As Kaukas notes:

Last night marked the second time this year that the council has considered an income tax.

In July, the council rejected 1 percent in property-tax relief -- which killed the measure and meant there could be no vote on the 0.25 percent tax -- by a vote of 3-2 with one abstention.


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