Thursday, January 8, 2009

one more bad idea for local govt

I thought I had blogged on this earlier, but can't find it...

Anyway, today's C-J brings an update on some bad news-- on efforts led Tom Galligan to bring a hotel and convention center to Jeffersonville. Actually, that might be quite a nice idea-- except Galligan & Co. envision this as a public (i.e., taxpayer-funded) project.

If it was profitable, it would almost certainly emerge on its own (absent unfortunate government intervention). Apparently, it's not-- and thus, the need for subsidies.

The sales pitch as is often the case: jobs. But on net, Galligan is looking to increase taxes to increase spending-- a shell game of economic activity. While the hotel/center will certainly create jobs, it would come at the expense of jobs and economic activity elsewhere.

Here's Dale Moss in the C-J...

Jeffersonville still must answer some basic questions before a downtown convention center and accompanying hotel can be built -- such as the ideal site for the project and who'll pay for it.

But Mayor Tom Galligan said yesterday that the development, estimated to cost $100 million, will happen, and the city just needs more time to determine the best answers.

"We're going through a thought process so when we do launch it, it will be a success," Galligan said.

Jeffersonville has placed the center high on its wish list, buoyed by a study that notes that such facilities have flourished in the shadow of big-league cities such as Cincinnati; Kansas City, Mo.; St. Louis; and Memphis, Tenn.

Jeffersonville's center similarly could complement -- rather than compete with -- Louisville's well-established convention business, city leaders contend.

A Chicago-based consultant, Hunden Strategic Partners, has recommended a 125,000-square- foot convention center alongside a 225-room hotel. The project would cover at least six acres and require 700 parking spaces.

The center would be publicly funded and owned, while the hotel could be a public-private partnership....


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