Thursday, January 8, 2009

Top/Bottom 10 Cities in the U.S.

"to work and live"...

A couple of thoughts:

First, there's an interesting survey/research question here: how do you compensate for the size of the cities. If you do nothing, larger cities will tend to get (many) more votes.

Second, when I was in grad school, we made a similar list of states. We found the same thing-- that some states showed up in the Top 5 and the Bottom 5. But we also figured out that one's answer depended on who got to pick where one would live in that state-- to lay out the extremes of the range: you vs. your worst enemy. For example, parts of Michigan and New Jersey are lovely and other parts are, well, not-so-lovely.

Click here for the article by Prashant Gopal at Yahoo-News (hat tip: Conservative Musings). I'll just reproduce the lists.

Best Cities: New York, San Diego, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Seattle, Denver, Phoenix, Chicago, Boston.

Worst Cities: New York, Detroit, Los Angeles, New Orleans, Chicago, Washington D.C., Las Vegas, Cleveland, Dallas, Miami.

My favorite place? Wherever I'm living at the time!
Or to paraphrase Dallas Willard: God can only bless you where you're at.

Do you have any thoughts on this list-- or most/least favorite cities?


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