Monday, January 4, 2010

arrogant and stupid quote-of-the-day

From the AP's Greg Bluestein in the C-J, some lovely thoughts on Jimmy Carter-- our country's finest ex-president...

[Carter's] supporters, all these years later, are still quick to rush to his defense.

Walter Mondale, his vice president, says that Carter took the political heat up front “so we could all be better off.”

Hmmm...Of Mondale's deficiencies, I didn't know he was struggling with a crack addiction.

And then, there's this beauty from Andrew Young:

Andrew Young, Carter's ambassador to the United Nations, says it might take a few more decades for historians to realize the impact of Carter's term in office. “It took 100 years to understand Jefferson. It took 100 years for people outside the North to understand Lincoln. And it's got to take at least 50 years to understand Carter,” says Young.

Wow! Carter in the same breath as Lincoln and Jefferson. Young is preparing for a career in stand-up. HILARIOUS!!!

And Douglas Brinkley, a Rice University history professor who's written a book on Carter, says his presidency may be more fondly remembered overseas than at home.

Yes, especially by those who are not so fond of the United States...


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