Thursday, January 14, 2010

Travis Hankins for Congress in 2010

I've accepted the role of Campaign Chair for Travis Hankins' bid to win the Republican primary in Indiana's 9th District. (The Chair is a figurehead position where I will represent the campaign publicly as needed-- e.g., to speak at a dinner when Travis is busy.)

Travis and I share many of the same principles and public policy positions. He is an eloquent and articulate defender of freedom and limited government-- in terms of both foreign policy and economic policies. He has been running an active grass-roots campaign for nearly a year now. And I believe that he is the best candidate available to replace Baron Hill in November.

This is not at all a refutation of the Libertarian Party or its ideals. I'm proud of what Libertarians are doing in Indiana and nationally. But this is a great opportunity to positively impact a race for Congress and emphasize freedom and limited government within the 9th District.

I encourage you to investigate his campaign through his campaign website. If you feel led to do so, I would also encourage you to support him financially, putting up a yard sign, volunteering to help his campaign, and so on.

Here's the story in the Jeff/NA News-Tribune...

A former suitor of Indiana’s 9th District U.S. House seat, Eric Schansberg chose not to run in 2010 because he found a candidate that reflects his core political principles....But he isn’t totally exiled from the race. Schansberg has volunteered for Republican Travis Hankins’ team, and is serving as campaign chairman.

“I think he’s an excellent candidate, and I think he’ll be effective at uniting fiscal and social conservatives,” Schansberg said.

Hankins emphasizes issues that Schansberg also touted during his two runs at the House: Reduction of the size of government, instilling Congressional term limits and like Schansberg, Hankins is pro-life on abortion...

Schansberg said Hankins distinguishes himself from Sodrel and Young with his charisma and his ability to find common ground with voters...

Despite the switch, Schansberg is still proud of what Libertarians are doing in Indiana and nationally. But his goal is to impact legislation which he said transcends party lines.

“I’m definitely supportive of the party, but my first priority are the ideas — trying to change policy, trying to change ideas,” Schansberg said. “I certainly hope the Libertarian Party continues to strengthen. I love to see third and fourth parties growing.”


At January 14, 2010 at 7:23 PM , Blogger Jenna said...

wow! We've got Rand in KY, Peter Schiff in NH and now Travis in IN! I'm actually gaining hope that maybe we the people can kick out all the degenerate incumbents who got us into this mess or sat by and watched it happen.


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