Thursday, January 19, 2017

a critique of the ACA from the Left

A critique of the ACA from the Left (in Harpers)...Reading the Left is valuable, because it reveals the difference between the Left and mere partisan Democrats. And those on the Left (or with sympathies for the Left) are more likely to be tolerant of a writer from the Left. (I'll link my review of Thomas Frank's book below-- as another recent example.) 

With Trump coming in, there has been an outpouring of odes to the ACA. For partisan reasons-- and given the nature of government activism's obvious benefits-- they focus on its benefits and not its costs (or its instability, incoherence, and failure to address underlying causes).

Politically, Obama has benefited from the nastiness of Clinton/Trump. His legacy-- and again, helpful for partisans-- he will also benefit from efforts to reduce/replace the ACA. To some extent, he and Dem partisans will be able to foist blame onto the GOP-- for something that was horribly flawed by its own rights.


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