Thursday, July 3, 2008

will these two vote for Mike or me?

While I share the disdain of these letter writers-- from Brownstown and Charlestown (hat tip: Hoosier Pundit)-- for Baron's policies on gas prices and energy...

Will Linda and Tony settle for half-way with Mike or go with the best candidate on this issue?

Mike is very good on the usefulness of more domestic drilling, but...

Mike supported higher gas prices through his votes for more govt spending and debt-- weakening the dollar and driving up the price of oil/gas. (The weakened dollar is responsible for about one-third of the increase in gas prices since 2002.)

Mike wants to take their money and give it to oil and now, alternative energy companies-- even more spending and probably another govt sink-hole for your tax dollars. (Why does Mike trust govt more than the market on this?)


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