Thursday, June 25, 2009

C-J understands disincentives of taxation-- at least in one context

From the editorialists of the C-J on the "death of slots" at horse tracks in this legislative session...

Mr. Williams tried to cover his own backside during the special legislative session by proposing a fatuous alternative — a phony plan for taxing Kentucky Lottery revenue and out-of-state wagering on Kentucky races. Officials in the best position to know warned that this would cost $63 million in vending machine sales....

Good stuff, if true. Anyway, I appreciate the use of dynamic analysis when the C-J specializes in static analysis (assuming no behavioral changes)-- at least when it's convenient for them.

It is not just Mr. Williams who thus flouts his responsibility...It's all those who enable him. It's Senate GOP caucus members like this area's Julie Denton, Ernie Harris, Gary Tapp, Elizabeth Tori and Dan Seum, who accept his discipline like a pack of whipped dogs. It's voters who elect GOP senators with neither bark nor bite — senators who sit, stay and roll over when Mr. Williams signals.

Wow. Harsh words for the GOP and standard party discipline. I don't recall the C-J being all that upset when Dems do equally oppressive/robotic party discipline. And were there any Dems who voted against slots? That's how you can tell a partisan from someone interested in justice. Those who should know better are excused by the former but held to a higher standard by the latter.


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