Tuesday, June 30, 2009

great marriage joke

From a sermon series on marriage (based on the movie Fireproof; see: my blog postings on it), our pastor had a great joke a few weeks back:

A group of people learn from a husband that he's just celebrated 50 years of marriage with his bride. After they congratulate him, someone asks if they ever have arguments. The man replies that they haven't argued since the early days of their marriage. After expressing amazement, they ask how this is possible.

He replies:

Well, it all goes back to our honeymoon. We were at the Grand Canyon on one of those donkey rides into the canyon.

After awhile, her donkey bucked a little bit.

She grabbed his ear, yanked it toward her and said, 'Hey, don't do that again. That's once!'

A little while later, the donkey rubs her up against the canyon wall.

My wife got off the donkey, grabbed his face with two hands and said angrily, 'You better watch yourself. That's twice!"

Things were fine for a little bit, but then the donkey stumbled on a stone and almost threw her off.

She got off, pulled a gun out of her purse, shot him right between the eyes, and said 'That's three times!"

Stunned, I said, "Honey, wasn't that a little bit harsh?'.

She turned to me and said, 'That's once.'


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