Saturday, June 13, 2009

public vs. private selfishness

From Craig Ladwig at Veritas Rex-- responding to and extending Gov. Daniels' recent remarks about the selfishness of the baby-boomers...

...the thought occurs that Indiana might survive a selfish citizenry but not survive a self-centered officialdom.

My question for the upcoming generation...when does government put its list on the table?

Self-centeredness and high office have become tautology. The career of an Arlen Specter would not have survived the talk at the coffee shop even a decade ago. He is the perfect modern political machine, a constituency of one....

There are politicians we admire, including our governor. And yet, how many of even these can be counted on to fight for a principle beyond the point it might endanger re-election and continuance of a lifestyle that is regal in comparison to any our grandfathers would have tolerated?

All of which suggests a subject for next year's commencement address: real-life examples of sacrifice and selflessness among sitting public officials using their own money and time.

It will be memorable for its brevity alone.


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